We Enable Voice as a Sales Channel

Join our team of technology entrepreneurs and Voice engineers as we bring Voice Intelligence tools to eCommerce.

About AVOX.io

Voice has become the new sales channel accounting for $1B today, with projections of $40B by 2022. Roughly 16% of US households own a smart speaker device and adoption is expected to grow wildly.

AVOX.io provides Voice Commerce technology that is enabling retailers to sell to, service, and communicate better with their customers using voice networks such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The company uses AI and Natural Language Processing to design meaningful voice intelligence solutions for organizations of all sizes.

We’re building a top-talent team of engineers, NLP experts, AI scientists and voice UI/UX designers who can create meaningful commerce tools that will shape the future of voice commerce.

Meet the Team

Kevin Bedell

CoFounder & CEO / CTO
An accomplished engineer and engineering manager, Mr. Bedell has over 20 years of experience building software systems and engineering teams. Mr. Bedell has held engineering leadership roles at Zipcar, Amazon Alexa, Fundraise.com, among others.

Kyle Kilcoyne

CoFounder & COO
An early-stage startup operator, Kyle recently ran marketing and PR for Confirm.io (acquired by Facebook). He was previously VP Marketing Advanced ID Detection (acquired) and Founder & CEO of viaNetwork digital media group @ PayPal Start Tank in Boston, MA.

Todd Chapin

CoFounder & CPO
Todd Chapin has over 14 years of experience designing enterprise Voice products. Mr. Chapin recently served as Director of Product Management at Audible.com. Prior, he was Director of Product & UX at Zipcar and a Principal Voice UX Designer at Nuance Communications.

Wendy Chun

Sr. Software Engineer
A passionate software engineer who develops embedded systems, AR, CV, and cutting edge technologies, Wendy currently leads Google Voice and AI intent processing efforts at AVOX.io. Previously, Wendy led Android development at Confirm.io and was an engineer at SRI International & Boeing. Wendy holds bachelors and masters degrees in computer science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Photo of Will Hare

Will Hare

UI/UX Designer
Will is an experienced UI/UX design professional who heads up brand and design for AVOX.io. Will's enterprise design roles have included both startups and public companies, including Confirm.io, PNC Bank, and American Eagle Outfitters.

Trent Warner

Digital Marketing
Trent is a seasoned digital marketer who oversees AVOX.io's content initiatives, SEO and advertising campaigns. Trent previously ran marketing for a number of regtech and SaaS companies.